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Health tips for Diabetic Patients

Health tips for Diabetic Patients in this Lockdown

As the Coronavirus (COVID -19) has impacted communities around the world many people having another co-morbidities wondered how to stay fit in this lockdown period. Diabetic people are one of them. In this lockdown period besides controlling blood sugar, it is also very important to maintain hand washing, good hygiene, good mental health. Besides these healthful diets, lifestyle habits can help boost the body’s natural defenses. These little things can go a long way in reducing your risk of viruses.

Here, we discuss some points diabetic patients can include in their daily life in this lockdown period:

  1. Staying at home, avoid contact with sick individuals can reduce the chances of getting infected.
  2. Washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds, periodically & follow good hand hygiene.
  3. Wear a mask, carry hand sanitizer whenever you go outside.
  4. Control your blood sugar by taking proper diabetic diet and medicines prescribed by your dietician and doctor.
  5. Replace your simple carbohydrates with a complex one. You can have fruit salads instead of sweets if you have sugar cravings.
  6. Check your blood glucose by glucometer periodically.
  7. Eat to boost your immunity. Keep an adequate amount of protein (meat, poultry, eggs, fish, milk, paneer), citrus fruits, vegetables, nuts in your diet. Stronger your immune system lesser will be a chance of you falling ill.
  8. It’s very important to do some exercises at home and staying active in this lockdown period. Some physical activities like households work, playing with children may also help to keep your diabetes under control.
  9. Besides the body, a positive, calm mind is another important thing in this lockdown period. Make sure your thoughts are positive and powerful. Reading books, a little walk, playing indoor games, listening to music, yoga, meditations, gardening can help you.
  10. Last but not least, stay enough hydrated.