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Facts of the Novel COVID-19

10 Must-Know Coronavirus Myths & Facts of the Novel COVID-19

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak started, the government is trying really hard to make people aware of the pandemic COVID-19 and its severity. The news and social media are always keeping us updated. But, many rumors or myths are revolving around the internet. So, here we are with 10 must-know myths and facts of the Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus Myths and Facts:

Myth 1– Ordering or Buying Packages from China Can Spread Coronavirus.

FACT– Officials confirm that there is no visible evidence found till now confirming the spread of the Coronavirus through packages from China. They also claim that the virus cannot survive long enough on the package to make you sick.

Myth 2– Coronavirus Infection Can Spread through Pets at Home.

Fact– Currently, It Is Not Proved That Pets at Home Can Be Infected by the Coronavirus. But, It Is Always Advised to Wash Your Hands Using Soap after Having Contact with Them as It Would Prevent You from Other Infections Caused by Animals Such as Rabies, Salmonella, Etc.

Myth 3– Coronavirus Will Only Affect Children and Older People.

Fact — Coronavirus can affect people of all age groups. But older people might get infected easily if in case they have any pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, etc.

Myth 4– Drinking or Spraying Alcohol Will Kill the Coronavirus.

Fact– Drinking alcohol is not good for your health and it does not kill the Coronavirus infection. So it is advised not to believe the rumors and start a drinking habit. Similarly, spraying alcohol or chlorine is also a common misconception, it does not have anything to do with the Coronavirus.

Myth 5– Using Face Masks Will Protect You from the Coronavirus Infection.

Fact– Wearing a surgical facemask will not protect you from the Coronavirus infection as it is made of thin material and does not fit tightly. It is advised to use N95 respirators, it is thicker than the surgical facemasks and would possibly provide some protection against the Coronavirus infection.

Myth 6– Drinking Water Often Alleviates Sore Throat and can Wash Away the Coronavirus That Is Stuck Inside the Throat.

Fact– Drinking water might be good for overall health but it is not proven that drinking water can prevent Coronavirus Infection.

Myth 7– Coronavirus Cannot Survive in Hot and Humid Climates.

Fact- Coronavirus is now rapidly spreading in many countries irrespective of the weather conditions. So it is not proved that the Coronavirus cannot survive in hot and cold climatic conditions.

Myth 8—Eating Garlic Can Prevent Infection against Coronavirus.

Fact– One of the Coronavirus myths that is spreading widely is that eating garlic can prevent Coronavirus infection but it is not true WHO says that garlic is a healthy food that contains anti-microbial properties but there is no clear evidence that eating garlic can cure Coronavirus infection.

Myth 9– Vitamin C Supplements Will Stop You from Catching Coronavirus Infection.

Fact– This is another widely believed Coronavirus myth Vitamin C is consumed by people in order to boost their immune system when afflicted with the common cold. But there is no evidence that vitamin C can be used to prevent Coronavirus infection.

Myth 10–Using Hand Dryers Can Kill Coronavirus.

Fact– Hand dryers are not capable of killing Coronavirus. But instead, frequently washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub can prevent Coronavirus infection.